Whimsical Spring Finds: A Volcano Dress, Funky Booties, and Pirate Pants

Photo: Net-A-Porter.com, Eluxury.com

Net-A-Porter sent us an e-mail to alert us that new Alexander McQueen items were now up for purchase. But we just filed our taxes and, alas, we're not exactly expecting a $6,000 refund. Nevertheless, we were inspired to take an afternoon online-shopping break, wherein we came upon some particularly funky finds. They're not H&M prices, but true originality doesn't come for free! Plus, they're high on humor — why not blow a month's rent (and then some) on something weird that'll at least make you laugh?

Clockwise from bottom left,
Nathan Jenden Lava cotton dress, $1,888
Haven’t you always wanted your elbows to be more volcanic?

Y-3 Phasma 90 Stretch Wedge, $750
The high-fashion backward heel meets a mesh sneaker.

Miu Miu Python Cut Out Boots, $4,300
Haven't you always wanted a fence around your calves?

Marni Ruffle Heart Bag, $945
Net-A-Porter editors call this purse an “unexpected delight.” We agree!

Stella McCartney Self-Tie Detail Shorts, $595
Pirate jokes never seem to go out of style, so we suppose these shorts are timeless.
Kendall Herbst