Whitney Port's Clothing Line Sounds Very L.A.

It's not a Magic Eye — it's a look from Eve and A! Photo: wwd.com

It's been days since a C-lister launched a clothing line, so we'll revisit Whitney Port's forthcoming "contemporary" collection, Eve and A. We learn in WWD the name came from Port's middle name (Eve!) and her co-creative director Adrienne Baravetto's first name (and A!). The line launches for fall with twenty pieces ranging from $50 to $220. Apparently many will be adjustable:

[A] hood and giant gold zipper help transform a $195 wool jacket into six shapes, ranging from a double-breasted top with a sailor flap in the back to one with a poufy shawl collar.

Another multifunctional item is a $50 slip whose fit can be finessed with adjustable straps and a corset-style tie in the back. The single body, available in hot pink, gunmetal gray, navy and beige, features a ruffled hem that allows the slip to be worn alone or layered under another top or dress. In addition, a $100 wool skirt is constructed with pins that the wearer can adjust to be a mini or float above the knee.

We were kind of excited about Whitney doing a line because the girl really does dress well and is so pleasant and eating-disorder-free. But judging from this description and the above photo of one of the line's pieces, this collection won't inspire us to make a special trip to Kitson or any of the other L.A. retailers who actually bought it. Because no New York store wanted the collection, which is all you really need to know.

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