Agyness Deyn's Music Video Premieres!


As if the Met gala weren't enough fabulousness overload for you this morning, we've got something equally good (or bad?) to share with you: Agyness Deyn's music-video debut. Yes, the video of her duet with the band Five O'Clock Heroes called "Who" is on MySpace. She sports Amy Winehouse eyeliner and, as expected, looks generally gorgeous and Aggy-fied throughout. She appears in two scenarios. In the first she wears ripped jeans, a collared shirt, and a fedora as she sits on a bed pouring her heart into a journal. In the second she looks distraught and perplexed by her feelings and wears a leather biker jacket in front of a neon sign with Chinese characters in a damp, dark street. So yeah, we'd say she's got the whole eighties video cliché down pat. What's that? You want to know about her singing? Oh, who cares. Looking at her really is the best part. (Which should tell you all you need to know about her musical talents, no?)

Who [MySpace TV]
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