‘Teen Vogue’s Ali Michael Story Sends Mixed Messages

Ali in the Fall '08 Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Photo: imaxtree

Last week Ali Michael went on the Today show to discuss struggles with her weight as an up-and-coming-model. Sitting beside her was Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley. She was there to remind us that Teen Vogue would have Ali's story in the June/July issue. Which means it's excerpt time! Ali explains in the article that when she started working with her agency in Dallas she was told to lose weight, so she cut out junk and fast food. But then she came to New York and had to lose even more:

It started out with me just being aware of my caloric intake, and eventually becoming a vegetarian. But before long, I had become obsessed with slimming down.

…It didn't help matters that as I got tinier, my career took off. By the time I entered my second season of shows last September, all I was eating was oatmeal with water for breakfast, a banana and a few grapes for lunch, and plain lettuce for dinner, maybe with a piece of fish. I stopped getting my period, which should have been a red flag. When my mom found out, she took me to the doctor. I discovered my body was no longer able to produce estrogen due to the lack of fat in my diet. The doctor put me on hormones, the same ones prescribed for women going through menopause.

Now on Teen Vogue's Website, a portion of the story is accompanied by a link that reads, "Follow Ali's catwalk career in our slideshow of recent runway appearances." As if to say, "Look how skinny she used to be." A bit of a strange way to illustrate the message, but hey, page views are page views.

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