Karl Lagerfeld Can Really Cut a Rug

Anna and Karl. We're still deciding if we should envy her or hug her. Photo: Patrick McMullan, Getty Images

"For me Karl [Lagerfeld] is a gift," said French actress Anna Mouglalis at the opening party for the new Chanel fine-jewelry boutique last night. As the face of the Chanel fine-jewelry collection, she got to know Karl in a way we could only dream of. By that we mean he invited her to his house and took her picture and stuff. "He made me enter his house, and he never asked me to be an image. He asked me to embody a spirit," she said. Ooooh, sounds eerie. "He wants to feel your energy, and he wants you to be true to the moment. You can't be beautiful or ugly. You are just there or you are not." And how did that make her feel? "It's his presence. He is not tricking. He looks at you in the right way. It's very intimate." If that sounds awkward, get this: "He made me dance once, and he literally scooped me up from the ground and made me waltz with him." Why we never knew his middle name was Twinkle Toes! "He knows, like, twenty different ballroom dances," Mouglalis continued. She said he likes Devendra Banhart and Cat Power. "He cha-cha-chas! I last saw him dance in Miami, and he danced to Frank Sinatra. He can do anything! He is above judgment." Girl, you don't have to tell us twice. — Shira Levine