Why, Oh, Why Is Beyoncé Making Toddler Clothes?

Photo: Courtesy of Deréon

We don't know why the world has to work this way, but Beyoncé and her sister Solange's clothing line, Deréon, includes kids' clothes. And we're not just talking, like, tween gear. The kids' line also includes attire for newborns, infants, and toddlers. And the scariest part of it all is staring you right in the face: the ads. Excuse us for stating the obvious, but this is not how little girls should dress. Or pose, for that matter. For the sake of breaking things down, let's examine the jacket on that little girl playing piano on the right. No child — perhaps no adult — should be branded with Deréon like that. To her right her friend has similarly disturbing heels on, also with gold studs. (Side thought: What does it do to your feet if you start wearing heels that early in life?) No wonder the poor thing looks so frightened and is holding on for dear life. We're also having a little difficulty with her cropped denim jacket and long dangly necklace (which appears to have a strawberry hanging off it; thank God it wasn't another fruit). The tea party on the left is more acceptable, but we can't take our eyes off that girl at the table caked with face powder and lipstick. If you're feeling brave, take a closer look at the ads after the jump.

Deréon Girls Ad Too Adult [Oh No They Didn't via Gawker]