Chanel Iman on Shooting the All-Black Italian ‘Vogue’

Lim and Iman Photo: Patrick McMullan

At the Met gala last night, Chanel Iman talked about shooting the all-black issue of Italian Vogue with Iman, Veronica Webb and her pal Jourdan Dunn. Though Dunn has been the rumored cover girl, nothing has yet been confirmed, and Chanel didn't know who the lucky girl was either. "I’d be surprised [if I am]," she said. "If I did that would be amazing, but if I don’t, I’ll get it the next time." She was feeling frazzled by the scary yelling photographers on the red carpet. "Oh my God! They’re just calling my name left and right and I don’t even know where to look! It’s kind of overwhelming and everybody’s yelling like, 'Ahhh!'" Despite the overwhelming crowd, Iman kept it together in a chartreuse gown by Phillip Lim, who was at her side in a matching chartreuse bow tie. "Tonight she’s Swirly Girl," Lim explained. "Her power is to seduce you and mesmerize you with the spiral swirls. And the belt and the cuffs are inspired by Wonder Woman. And I’m just a chaperone to make sure all the swirls are in check." And get her home on time, we hope? The girl's only 18, after all.

Despite being Phillip Lim's muse and getting hollered at like a Beckham, Chanel is very grounded. When we asked her if she felt famous yet, she replied, "No. I don’t know. I don’t really feel that way. When you ask me these kind of questions, it’s kind of strange because I don’t see myself like that." Can we allow her to remain this way forever?