Chloë Sevigny Doesn't Want to Call Herself an Eco-Nazi, But...

Glasses! Photo: WireImage

After missing her Nylon party in April, we were worried Chloë Sevigny might not show to Women's Health magazine's "Down to Earth" party last night. But this time, she showed! The green-themed evening was ripe with canvas-bag-toting, eco-talking partygoers so we felt obliged to ask our hostess about keeping it green since, well, we didn't bring a Feed Bag and wanted to show we care. "I'm really green, yeah. I annoy everybody, all my friends. Well, I have some friends that are really green, but most of them — I don't want to use the term Nazi, but I'm very extreme," Sevigny said. "I don't ever use plastic bags. Um, I always bring my own to the grocery store. Even when I go to my local bodega, they're like, 'No bag, right?' They always make jokes about me." Wow, way to keep it real, girlfriend. But wait, there's more! "I try to take smaller baths, I try to eat less meat, I try to only buy organic, and I don't dry my clothes in the dryer — I hand-dry them." She "hand-dries" all of her clothes?! "Sometimes I'll put them in the dryer for five minutes just to soften it up," she confessed. But what if she wants to wear something last minute? "I don't," she said. "Ever."

We took a break from the interview to process that kind of lifestyle. But before the party ended we cornered Sevigny again to chat about her Opening Ceremony line. "I wrapped the last season of Big Love, and I said, 'I just want to stay in New York for awhile,' and that's when we decided to do the line together. I thought it'll keep me in New York, and I can be creative and do something, not just this idle time," she explained. "You know, I really have to be in New York for at least four or five months straight to do a line so whenever that happens again we'll do it." If you insist, Chloë, but we're not sure we'd advise it considering its less-than-stellar reviews. Sevigny's also well versed in polygamist culture and fashions, compliments of her show Big Love, so we had to know what she thought of the fashions goin' on in Texas. "The women in Texas, they all wear the same dress on that compound just in a different color, so it's more like a uniform there," she said. "There are so many different compounds, and I think they all have their own kind of fashion or whatever." —Jana Winter