Chloë Sevigny Really Wants Us to Think She's Crazy

We know you care. Photo:

If you had any doubt that Chloë Sevigny is a sane girl who's actually crazy deep down inside, the New York Times will set you straight with this video profile of Chloë's style. Set to breathy vocals and a percussion-heavy tune by the Slits, it's nothing more than a montage of photos of Chloë, stuff Chloë's done, stuff Chloë likes, and other things and people related to Chloë, like her brother Paul and mother Janine. It's peppered with random Chloë quotes like "All my friends are insane, but actually I'm quite normal" and Chloë labels like "wild child." But you know what? We don't really believe that Chloë is that crazy. We know she wants us to think she doesn't care about brushing her hair or wearing stained smelly T-shirts, but we think she secretly loves tangle-free locks and fresh-from-the-dryer clothes. Yeah, we said it. So go on with your "boho" self, Chloë. Just know that we know you wear polo shirts when you think no one's looking.

Profile In Style: Chloe Sevigny [NYT]