Erin Wasson Down!

No more stilettos for you! Photo: Getty Images

Photo shoots are arduous, dangerous matters. Especially when the models are required to move quickly for shots or, worse, actually run. And running got the best of Erin Wasson the other day when she was modeling shorts from Justin Timberlake's new clothing line William Rast. She was jogging along when all of a sudden — snap! — her foot broke. Poor thing! According to the New York Post, the accident was inevitable as her foot bones were fragile after years of "wearing only stilettos." A true professional, Wasson finished the sixteen-hour day. She'll wear a cast for a month and has to cancel all upcoming projects. But don't worry — we're putting together a lovely care package full of calcium supplements to speed her toward recovery. We'll even throw some nice robiola, and maybe a new pair of Lanvin flats too. Just as a suggestion.