Eva Mendes's New Calvin Klein Commercial Makes TV Execs Uncomfortable

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

TV networks have their panties in a twist over Calvin Klein's commercials for its new fragrance, Secret Obsession. They say the TV spots are too risqué and won't air them unless Coty (the company that makes the fragrance) makes them more G-rated. The TV ads, like the print campaign debuting in September, were shot by Steven Meisel and star Eva Mendes:

"It really taps into the secrecy of a private moment — where it's clear that Eva is having illicit thoughts," said Lori Singer, vice president of global marketing for the brand at Coty Prestige, "It's somewhat up to interpretation — because of how it's shot, and what you see and hear, and what you can't see and hear. You hear her voice, talking about having a sexy secret."

Sounds like every Victoria's Secret commercial we've ever seen. Another Coty rep said they plan to fight for their commercial — a cause we can totally get behind. A little lightening up would do this country good. By our calculations no one has yet died from Janet Jackson's boob fiasco and look how much stress we wasted freaking out about that. We can't imagine five extra seconds of Mendes's bare thighs will send anyone into a frenzy either (except at the networks).

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