’Tis the Season for Men to Wear Flowers

Photo: GQ Style

One of our favorite spring photo spreads comes in the new issue of British GQ Style. It accompanies an article encouraging men to embrace their secret love of flowers. From buying them as gifts for other men to wearing them on their lapels to simply decorating their house with them, there is no better time for men to get flowered than springtime. With male cosmetics, the proliferation of mirdles, and tight pants taking over men's runways, indulging in "feminine" stuff is quite the rage as of late. Besides, flowers are good for the male soul. A survey by the Society of American Florists reveals 60 percent of men would like to receive a bouquet on Valentine's Day. Furthermore, a Rutgers University study revealed men receiving flowers "demonstrated an increase in well-being and social interaction." Who would have thought!

From the Victorian makeup to the divine embellishments, the pics in the GQ spread make us smile. So smile with us, won't you? Prance through the jump for more dandyman flowery whimsy.

Bud Behaviour [GQ Style, not online]