Gareth Pugh Has Arrived, and He’s Throwing a Dance Party

The Batman dress, Pugh, and the MisShapes. Party! Photo: Photo Illustration: Getty Images

So many VIP fashion designers are flying into town for the Met Gala that it almost feels like Fashion Week. Gareth Pugh's not only here early, he's throwing a dance party with the MisShapes tomorrow night at the Tribeca Grand. Pugh's Batman-inspired creation (pictured above) has become the poster dress for the Costume Institute's new exhibit. So Febreeze your skinny jeans, don a Batman mask, and go chat up Mr. Pugh and Co. tomorrow night. Maybe you can convince him to take you to the gala. Or at least hide you in one of his outfits so you can sneak by security.

GrandLife NYC, MissShapes [sic] & Seven New York
Invite you to a night with:
Gareth Pugh & Tommy Saleh

Gareth Pugh
Joseph Quartana
The MissShapes [sic]
Spencer Product
2 Mandy DJs

This Saturday May 3rd: 10pm-3am

Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 Avenue of the Americas