Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig Define Their Marchesa Relationship

Left, the "designer"; right, the "co-founder." Photo: Getty Images

Last week Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, the lovely ladies behind Marchesa, were listed on their label's Website as "co-designers." But then, out of the Internet blue, Craig's title changed. Suddenly, she was merely "co-founder." How befuddling! Could there be discord in the house of Marchesa? According to the New York Post, it's all part of Chapman's plan to ensure everyone knows who wears the "designer" ruffles in the relationship:

And at a recent St. Jude Children's Research Hospital benefit at Roseland Ballroom, which raised $300,000 for cancer research and featured a Marchesa runway show, anyone who called Craig a designer was instructed to instead refer to her as co-founder, a source reports.

Meanwhile, "Georgina's brother, Edward Chapman, Marchesa's chief executive, was backstage being very specific that Georgina is now to be called the designer of the company, but Keren is her co-founder, and not the designer. And boy, was that emphasized several times," said our insider.

The "insider" also told the paper the girls are "the best of friends," but Chapman is "wound a little tighter." However, a rep for Marchesa said that now that the label's getting so huge, it was time to define the relationship. Like Marc Jacobs and his better business half Robert Duffy — no one thinks Duffy is designing clothes. We guess Georgina wanted the same delineation.

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