Hamptons, Here We Don't Come

This is Lucy. She's the winner of the Palm Dog, Cannes's unofficial canine award. Really, we just wanted an excuse to run this picture. Photo: Getty Images

Woo hoo! A glorious three-day weekend is upon us. Naturally our usual 4 p.m. ADD is kicking in a bit early today (like, now) so we're cutting out early this afternoon. Besides, we have to make it to the heliport by 5 to board our chopper for a ride to JFK, where our private jet awaits. Diane von Furstenberg is upset Madonna didn't come to the luncheon on her yacht the other day in Cannes, so we're going to do our best to console her (from afar, ahem). Also, we hear Eva Herzigova keeps confusing beachwear for eveningwear so we're going to try to set her straight as well. But don't worry! We'll be back Tuesday, when operations will resume as normal. So don't forget your SPF 105 this weekend, and good luck on the LIE. Au revoir!