Hedi Slimane Hearts Hayes Peebles

Oh Hedi… Photo: WireImage

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Hayes Peebles, a 15-year-old unsigned singer who has caught Hedi Slimane’s attention (and is currently suffering through high-school final exams — good luck!). If his name sounds familiar it may be because he was in Paper’s Most Beautiful People mix last year. But, recently Peebles has had a major upgrade in the fashion world. Slimane shot Peebles strumming his guitar and lying on a blanket for the upcoming issue of VMan. “I'll be riding on the subway, and a phrase just comes into my head,” explains Peebles of his songwriting technique. Slimane, our fashion crush, is a huge supporter of the Greenwich Village–raised singer. Thus, by the transitive property, we also heart young Peebles. The designer–rock photographer looped Peebles's song “Gone Grey” on his MySpace and official Website. Moreover, at a V party at Kingswood Lounge in April, Slimane attentively watched as the adorable Peebles sang a few songs and then bounced after the set concluded. Perhaps Peebles can score some very awesome stage costumes? —Kendall Herbst

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