Oh, Joy: Nina Garcia Stays on ‘Project Runway’!

Another piece of the Nina Garcia–ElleProject Runway puzzle has fallen into place. Hooray! We hope at this point you all care about this almost as much as we do: Fashion Week Daily reported today Garcia will stay on as a contributing editor at Elle until she takes up her new gig as fashion director of Marie Claire, and she'll stay on as a judge on Project Runway for season five. Elle editor-in-chief Robbie Myers officially announced today Garcia will stay on through September 1 (her Marie Claire gig starts September 2). The next season of Project starts airing in July, if you can believe it, and this gives us one more reason to get excited. Now if Michael Kors could just nail down his spot on that judging panel, we could concentrate all our pending Project worry on season six on Lifetime. It hurts to type that every time.

Project Runway Status Confirmed [Fashion Week Daily]