If Simon Doonan Designed Clothes They Wouldn't Be for the Little People

Photo: Getty Images

If Simon Doonan designed a clothing line he'd focus on an oft-overlooked demographic. “I would love to do a plus-size line,” he told us at last night’s El Museo gala at Cipriani. "I think there’s a huge opportunity for doing clothes that are size 12 and up." Doonan noted it's ridiculously hard to become a somebody as a fashion designer these days. "There’s more designers than the world would ever need in a hundred million years, there’s more clothing lines, there’s 400 bloody shows in the New York fashion week. So there’s no shortage for womenswear. But I think there’s an opportunity to do insanely great things in the plus-size market," he said (ahem, Project Runway alums). He continued, "As a freakishly undersized male, I understand the plight of the oversized female. You know that thing of looking for clothes and they’re not there."

Doonan just returned from England, where his memoir Nasty: My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints is being made into a TV series for the BBC. "They just cast it, so I got to meet all the people who are playing me and my family," Doonan said. "But they haven’t announced it yet, so I can’t say who it is. But lots of them are really well known." — Randi Eichenbaum