Irina Lazareanu ‘Kills’ Pete Doherty in New Music Video

It pains us to say it, but Pete Doherty has been unleashed on society again. The natty modelizing Babyshambles rocker got out of jail yesterday, and he wasted no time logging on to You Tube. A music video of "Maybelline" landed on YouTube yesterday. The concept of the video is rather brilliant, even if the production value is rather shoddy. After Doherty enters a hotel room, his girlfriend (possibly ex? It's tough keeping track these days), model Irina Lazareanu, comes in, chokes him with a tie, knocks him on the ground, starts stomping on his trachea, and steals his cigarette. Someone had to do it.

Pete Doherty posts new Babyshambles song online [NME]