Isaac Mizrahi's New Vlog

Isaac vlogging. Photo:

There just aren't enough vlogs these days, so Isaac Mizrahi is stepping up to his low-quality video camera to fill that void. He's got a new vlog on his revamped Website, and we suggest you set aside the eighteen minutes you'll spend eating your salad this afternoon to watch all six vlogtastic episodes. We love them all: We feel like we're meeting Real Isaac for the first time. Not Fake Isaac who talks to reporters at parties or fashion shows, but Real Isaac, who worries about his Weight Watchers meetings and gets upset when his assistant doesn't tell him about the In Style photo shoot and he comes to work in a tan jacket (episode 6). Or Real Isaac who takes pictures of himself in his bathroom mirror in his Bridgehampton house because it has the best lighting in the whole wide world (episode 5). Or Real Isaac who feels claustrophobic at charity galas and cocktail parties, especially those held at the low-ceilinged Waverly Inn (episode 1). See, the Waverly Inn freaks famous people out, too! So, what are you waiting for? Isaac is ready to share. He needs to share. Let him, won't you?