John Galliano and André Leon Talley Take On Savannah, Georgia!

Our guy John. Photo: Getty images

John Galliano isn't in town very often so after his Christian Dior cruise collection show last night at Gustavino's, which included wide-legged gold-lamé pants, voluminous tiered skirts, and giant hats, we would not rest until we spoke to him. Since we don't speak fluent French and weren't clad head to toe in Dior (hard to imagine, we know), we were fearful our attempts to become BFFs with Galliano wouldn't come to fruition. Finally, we squeezed past a security guard and his well-heeled French posse and basked in Galliano's glorious presence. As we were about to get all chatty about our day, the economy, and the last movie we saw, the security guard warned us our interview time with Galliano would be brief. We resisted clinging to Galliano like a fashion loon and politely asked what he expected from his visit to Georgia today, where he'll receive the André Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award from the Savannah College of Art and Design. "I’m told it is really spiritual," he said. "André is going to show me around. I’m really looking forward to it." How cute! Would they play golf? Take a ghost tour? Enjoy a picnic of fried green tomatoes and chicken-salad sandwiches? "I’m really looking forward to meeting the students. I’m very excited. I was a student myself, as you know, and I want to share with them my life experiences — the ups, the downs, the passion you need to carry through. The passion will carry you through." Clearly he knew how we managed to get near him last night. — Randi Eichenbaum