Pink-Carpet Fashion at the ‘Sex and the City’ Premiere

The Best Photo Op of the Night Award goes to André Leon Talley and Anna Wintour. Yeah, they wear their sunglasses at night. . And OMG, Michelle Williams is back! Looks like she's not over that unfortunate case of the Carpet Clashies. (Didn't PR warn everyone that the carpet would be a deep pink?) And on the right is Melania Trump. We're sure she's going for a chic early-season Hamptons thing here, but isn't it amazing how expensive outfits can look like they came from Forever 21 sometimes? Photo: Getty Images

We couldn't help but feel cheated when the Sex and the City movie premiered in London first. We knew the last night's New York premiere was coming, but there was no guarantee Sarah Jessica Parker would wear as awesome a hat as she did across the pond. And as you can see, she disappointed us and left her head free of ornament. Harrumph. You know, New York can be zany, too, Sarah. Nevertheless, we love the dress, and we suppose the funk factor is accounted for with that train — but it makes us worry about how much work it took her to drag it around. She's wee, after all! Also, the very ends of it are kind of channeling an octopus costume from the Little Mermaid musical. At least it doesn't clash with the pink carpet. Unfortunately, other carpet walkers weren't so lucky in that regard — and oddly, the ocean motif resurfaced. Click through to see what we mean.