What If Nina Garcia Moves to ‘Marie Claire’ Before Season Five?

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Yesterday we learned Nina Garcia will likely accept a major position at Marie Claire. But what would this mean for her judgeship on Project Runway? Elle is the sponsoring magazine of the show for only one more season, its last on Bravo before it moves to Lifetime, and Marie Claire will take its place after the network switch. But what if Garcia moves to Marie Claire before or during season five, which starts taping next month, and the network switch? Elle could be screwed, that's what. Jeff Bercovici at Portfolio reports Elle has already sold gobs of ad inventory based on the assumption Garcia would be their editor-at-large and a judge on the show. The magazine doesn't want to give up its sponsorship for season five, but if Garcia is sitting as a judge while on the Marie Claire masthead during that time, things are going to get messy. And of course, nobody has any idea what the hell to do then. Good times!

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