Patricia Field on Her Favorite ‘Sex’ Outfits and SJP's Crazy Hat

Photo: Courtesy of Patricia Field

If Sarah Jessica Parker's hat at the Sex and the City movie premiere in London left you befuddled, know that Sex and the City Über-stylist Patricia Field is right there with you. Last night in her studio, where she unveiled her latest shoe collection for Payless, she told us that she "didn't understand" why SJP wore that interesting piece of headgear for that event. She does, however, love the hat she picked out for Carrie's wedding scene in the movie. And what else does Pat love? At first she shied away from disclosing her other all-time favorite Sex and the City outfits because, she said, "People ask me that all the time … It puts you in some box." But eventually we got her to open up about her favorite looks from the movie and if she's sick of all the hype yet. Also, find out what she thinks about "tears of fashion."

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What did you think of Sarah Jessica Parker's green hat at the London premiere?
I didn’t really understand it frankly, I have to be honest. I asked her personal stylist, who used to be my assistant, “What was that about?” when I saw him at the premiere last night. I said, "Tracy Cox, explain that to me." He said it was a collaboration between Alexander McQueen and Phillip Treacy — they collaborated on this outfit.

Would you have done that?
I didn’t understand it. I didn’t get the combination. Okay, it matched — so what else? I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get it at all. I think when you see the movie, the hat that she wore at her wedding — that one would’ve worked.

What are your favorite outfits that you’ve styled for the movie or series?
Well, I love when I see the four of them. When all four walked down the street, it was like a walking magazine editorial. There’s a scene where they go to an auction and Samantha wants to buy a ring. And so they all meet at this auction. And that’s one of my favorite combos — the rich ladies that go to auctions and have nothing else to do but go to auctions and go to lunch. So I got them all lady-prints, very retro. Except for Samantha — she has on a red suit. It was a Thierry Mugler vintage red. I can’t remember the dress Miranda wore — it wasn’t an expensive dress. It was Milly or one of those. It had these big graphic prints with brown in it. And then Carrie wore this vintage pouf and then it was floral all the way down. It was vintage, but people thought it was Balenciaga. And Charlotte had on a Ferragamo two-piece flared-out skirt with a print that was beaded. Like go to an auction in the summer in this beaded thing. It was fun for me. I was being really wacky with that one.

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Can you recall a particular look you loved from the series?
You know what else was cute in the movie? One of my favorites for Carrie is the dress you first see her in the opening. It’s a bone-colored jersey, and it’s from the seventies, and it was long but I chopped it. And it has this big flower. For me it was like the opening title. It was like, “Here we are, open the door, we know you’re waiting, doors are open!” Because the audience was such a part of the show, they love the show so much that I just wanted to give them a big “welcome home” with a huge flower.

Do you ever feel Sex-ed out from all the hype over the movie?
Every time I think I’m Sex-ed out, I get a hot shot and I’m up on cloud nine again. Like I was in London for the premiere, and that was the first premiere, and we pull up in the car and the streets are cordoned off, there’s crowds of people screaming and yelling, and I was like “Oh my God, this is like the Oscars.”

Sarah Jessica Parker insists on wearing a bra in bed scenes. Are there any other requirements for the other girls?
Well, in bed, definitely fuck-me pumps. Whenever Samantha had bed scenes, she always had to wear shoes. Every time.

Are any of the items from the movie selling out in your store? The Eiffel Tower bag perhaps?
The Eiffel Tower bag is there. It’s by special order, though. It’s really expensive.

How expensive?
It’s $1,500. But it’s only by special order. We have one in stock, but we don’t sell that one. I’d rather just special order. You know at my store, things aren’t that expensive there, but we had to have the Eiffel Tower bag. It’s available cheaper without rhinestone, but the one Carrie carries is all rhinestones.

Girls were crying after they saw the movie and stars yesterday. What do you think of their “tears of fashion”?
Tears of fashion! I love that expression! Tears of fashion — that’s a classic. I’ve got to make a T-shirt out of that. I love it. They said that? — Sharon Clott