Prada USA Hires New President Even Though It Did Really Well Without One

Graziano de Boni Photo: Getty Images

Prada must be a truly magical place, and its whole fairies-in-the-forest theme for spring is only one reason. You see, Prada USA has been without a president for the past two years. Yet last month the house announced its 2007 earnings increased 65.8 percent with sales in North America alone going up 10.8 percent. What economic downturn? And all this was done without a president to spearhead things like company expansion. But it's time to move forward. Today WWD reports Prada has hired a president and chief operating officer for its U.S. division, Valentino's USA president Graziano de Boni, who will start at Prada July 1. Now just imagine what Prada will be capable of! It can bring new stores to places all across the country! It might even be able to outsell the always-profitable Louis Vuitton! And hey, maybe the current stores could get a little work done.

Prada Raids Valentino: Graziano de Boni Named As Head of U.S. Division [WWD]
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