Rachel Zoe Launches a Clothing Line and We're Worried

These looks are much better; however the dress on the left is a little too Miss America for our taste. The center dress somehow makes her look both too old and too young. At right, Zoe gets it right — or maybe the dress is just hypnotizing us into liking it. Photo: Getty Images

We all knew somewhere deep down inside this was coming: Stylist-cum-reality TV star Rachel Zoe has a clothing line in the works. Technically it's just a licensing deal so she might not have very much involvement in actually designing the products, but at the very least they'll have her name 'em. She's partnering with the Beanstalk Group Inc. (go ahead and write the joke yourself) "to develop a line of apparel, accessories, and undergarments under the Rachel Zoe brand," according to WWD. Now, we've endured clothing line launches by and subsequent branding of nearly every Hills cast member and famous person who appeals to 12-year-olds. Frankly, we're not sure how much more of this we can take! And after taking a refresher course in What Rachel Zoe Likes to Wear 101, we're worried we may not be able to handle what's to come, especially if the forthcoming line is truly inspired by Zoe's personal style. After the jump we've compiled a smattering of pictures of Zoe's recent party outfits to help you understand why we're trembling.