Earnest Sewn Makes Room for Ruffian (and Their Condoms)

Photo: Melissa Hom

Each month, Earnest Sewn relinquishes the back room of its meatpacking-district store to a guest artist or designer for a special installation. Last night, the denim brand unveiled its latest, showcasing Ruffian’s fall collection. The label's prep-school, rock-inspired fall line includes fitted blazers, skinny pants made from European textiles, and silk dresses decked in needlepoint graffiti. In this special installation, you’ll also find tailored Ruffian garments made from Earnest Sewn denim and Earnest Sewn denim creations incorporating custom-made fabrics by Ruffian.

Artist and set designer Anne Koch — who's known for her striking photo-shoot settings in the pages of Vanity Fair and Teen Vogue — was responsible for translating Ruffian's rebellious-schoolgirl aesthetic into the space. Koch says she always works with a character in mind: “When you walk in the room, it should feel like the girl has just left, like she’s going to come back in at any moment and catch you,” she says. “She’s like the ghost in the room.” We asked Koch to divulge the details of her creation. Hover over the arrows in the room to reveal her tricks. —Lauren Murrow