Stella McCartney's Skin-Care Line Might Not Be As Organic As She Claims

Kat Von D. Photo: WireImage

• Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps claims the Stella McCartney CARE skin-care brand misleads consumers. Oh snap! She claims her products contain 100 percent organic active ingredients, but the soap company says she's frontin'. [Cosmetic News]

• Researchers have confirmed that people find symmetrical faces sexy because it may indicate disease resistance. Nothing's hotter than a raging immune system [Jezebel]

• Gillette released a $150 Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor, complete with five blades and a flashlight. It also vibrates. Does this mean everything we thought we knew about men's shaving is wrong? Actually, we're not sure we want to know. [Style Dash]

• Kat Von D, owner of High Voltage Tattoo, launches her Sephora makeup line on May 12, and you don’t have to have sleeves of tats or severe eyeliner to wear the shades. The lip colors, liners, and shadows are designed to look tame or wild, per your own artistic application. [Temptalia]

Natalia Vodianova wears the new Aqualumière gloss in her Chanel ads so go copy her already. [Fashion Week Daily/Chic Report]

• Creative Nail Design created Spa Marine Masque for feet. Because faces have all the fun. [Mischo Beauty]