The First Photos of LiLo's ‘Ugly Betty’ Guest Spot

Looks like they're in gym class at High School No Name. Photo: Courtesy of ABC

The paparazzi driving in confused circles means Lindsay Lohan must be off the streets! LiLo's currently filming the season finale of Ugly Betty, and photos from the shoot are up. We were hoping we'd be in for a mini-version of Mean Girls, and it looks like ABC's deliverin'. Here we see a flashback of LiLo bullying Betty in high school, with precisely the nasty glare in her eye we've been waiting for. Even better, Lohan's character will supposedly work at a fast-food restaurant. So not only do we get to see Lindsay act like a bitch, we might get to see her dunking fries and flipping burgers too. We never would have predicted this show would become so awesome. Thank God Posh Spice set a precedent with her guest spot. And very seldom do we thank God for Posh.

Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty — FIRST PICTURES [Just Jared]
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