Lohan Solicits Volunteer Army of Leggings Models

Photo: Splash News

You know how wack it is that so few non-white models are cast for photo spreads and runway shows? And how the general standard of beauty often makes women feel bad about themselves? Well, Lindsay Lohan could ameliorate both those problems, just a tad at least. Tomorrow she's shooting the ads for her new line of lovely leggings and the casting call for models asks for girls with "diverse multi-cultural looks" and "off beauty." And here we were expecting LiLo to cast herself in the campaign (you know, for the obvious business reasons). But not only is she leaving her legging-clad self out of the ads, she's leaving out girls who look like her too, as the call also specified "no blondes please." It all sounded so revolutionary and wonderful! Until we learned she's not paying the models. The girl's had all sorts of interesting new roles — certainly she must be able to spare a few Gs for her pretty laborers. Besides, it's probably emotionally easier for her to part with cash than a bundle of free leggings.

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