The Scoop on Agyness Deyn's Acting Gig

Photo: Getty Images

Modeling seems to be the furthest thing from Agyness Deyn's mind these days. After singing on Five O'Clock Heroes track "Who" and starting her own band called Gene Jacket, she's now acting in a short film by her friend and bandmate Alanna Masterson, 19-year-old sister of actor Danny Masterson. "It's the first time I've actually had to speak!" Deyn trilled when we caught up with her on set in Long Island yesterday. "I kind of feel like fish out of water, and I’m finding a big pond to swim in. I just like opening up different channels and keeping myself interested.” She plays the imaginary friend of lead character James, a teenager grieving over the death of his sister. "I have had a few friends that have lost people and you do remember that stuff … emotion memory," Deyn said. "It’s only natural that if you are playing a part you’ll remember experiences from your life, but my part is very lighthearted, quite sarcastic, and fun in contrast to [James's] grieving." Masterson wrote the film, her thesis for New York Film Academy, which also stars her brother Jordan and Dustin Hoffman's son Jake. Its working title is The Right Side of My Exultant Brain.

So, is Aggy vying for an acting career when her modeling days run out? "Not necessarily," she said. "We’ll see how it goes. It’s nice working on this particular thing because it’s friends, and it’s a very chilled environment to learn." She studied drama at college, but it was "very theory-based," she added. "I’m just throwing myself in.” — Fiona Byrne