Tyra Banks Demonstrates a Few of Her 275 Smiles

The Angry Smile. Photo: nytimes.com

Boy, do we have a wonderful way for you to kill six minutes this lovely Friday afternoon. To go with her New York Times Magazine cover profile hitting stands Sunday, Tyra Banks shot what we'll call a one-installment vlog. Artistically done in black-and-white, Banks gets right down to it, demonstrating a few valuable tools from her modeling tool kit, namely 7 of her 275 smiles. "I have a long list of different smiles that you can do and every model should be equipped," she explains. "Everybody can't handle the long list … That's for, you know, advanced." She starts off simply, with the subtle Smiling With Your Eyes. Then she moves into the Angry Smile, the Flirting With Boyfriend Smile, the Surprised Because Someone Just Gave You a Diamond Ring and You Don't Know Why Smile, and the Commercial Smile. She ends with our personal favorite, the High Fashion Smile, in which she appears to be bopping herself on the side of her head. Sigh. This totally makes up for missing Tyra every day. We're going to go practice in the bathroom now. If we don't come back, just assume we got discovered.

Lynn Hirschberg Talks to Tyra Banks [NYT]
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