Video Sneak Peek at Naomi Campbell's ‘Ugly Betty’ Cameo

Get your TiVo ready people. That's right, tomorrow night is Naomi night on Ugly Betty. Finally! Campbell plays softball (on Elle's team) against Mode magazine. In this Ugly Betty podcast Michael Urie and Becki Newton tag-team interview her. We suggest you fast-forward to the one-minute mark where Naoms makes her appearance. When they call her a "supermodel," she moans, "Pleeease don't call me that name. Oh God … Everyone's called a supermodel these days. Everybody … I think if you've worked 22 years then maybe, but I'm a working model." She also says she doesn't know the difference between cricket, softball, and baseball and she insisted on wearing heels during her softball scenes because she simply cannot wear flat shoes. So they made heeled sneakers for her and the cast. Also, she says she'd date a nerd over a guy that works at a sandwich stand because, "I just need a brain to stimulate my own challenging mind." Do watch and be stimulated.

Don't call Naomi a supermodel [Fashionologie]