We’re Glad We’re Not Pitching to Naomi Campbell on ‘Ugly Betty’

Campbell for "team 'Elle'"Photo: Splash News

If you thought Christian Siriano's cameo on last night's Ugly Betty was awesome just wait until Naomi Campbell shows up. Now when we learned she was heading to Mode we had to know: Does she play herself? Naomi revealed she plays "a loony who loves to shop and can't find a man." So it seems the jury's still out on that one. Zing! But her character is also the designated hitter for Elle magazine's softball team, which plays against Mode magazine:

Campbell was taught how to play the game before filming and discovered she has a very powerful swing. She says, "I was given a crash course in playing softball and at one point hit the ball so hard it actually broke in half!

"I had a fantastic day on set, the cast and crew were lovely. The coach said he had never seen anyone pick up the game so quickly."

So either Ugly Betty has a really crappy prop budget or Naomi Campbell is really good at hitting. Hmmm...