How Will Ferrell Predicted the Diorphone

The Diorphone and it's mini-companion. Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Remember the brilliant Saturday Night Live skit, set at Jeffrey, in which Will Ferrell enters on a motorized wheelchair and answers a call on a cell phone the size of a fingernail? (If not, we've posted it after the jump.) We might not have realized it then, but whoever came up with that skit was spot the hell on. Christian Dior's new Diorphone comes with that tiny cell phone! The Diorphone's companion mini-phone is slightly larger than Ferrell's at about the size of a matchbook; it's designed to clip on a bag so when you get a call you don't have to rummage around. And it gets better! When you're done with your conversation, you can powder your nose by looking in your mini-phone's built-in mirror. With features like these it's a bargain at 3,500 euros, or about $5,100. It goes on sale in Dior boutiques next month. So … what iPhone?

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