Agyness Deyn's New French Perfume Commercial Is Badass

Yesterday we told you Agyness Deyn was starring in the campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier's new fragrance, Ma Dame. Today, we bring you the commercial. But it's not just any commercial — it's a French commercial. A badass French commercial at that. Yes, badass! You probably haven't heard that adjective in eight years, but this really does warrant bringing it back. Agyness explodes into view in black-and-white wearing a suit and tie and long blonde wig, wielding a pair of scissors. Then she hacks her hair off, casts a few drunk gazes into the camera, and continues the slash-fest, de-sleeving her shirt and de-legging her pants. Now we know what commercial envy feels like, and if the folks at Burberry don't understand how special that is and feel foolish right now, then something's just not right with the world.

Un garcon feminin [Now Smell This]
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