Britain Honors Anna Wintour With a Fancy New Title

Photo: FilmMagic

Each year on the first, second, or third Saturday in June, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her official birthday. Obviously, this is different than her real birthday; it's really just a day of general official-ness on which England has a parade and honors people other than the Queen. The honorees are listed on an official "birthday honors list." They are ranked, with the highest honorees receiving knighthood. This year's list of 959 honored people includes Anna Wintour, who is being named an Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, or OBE. She won for "services to British journalism and British fashion in the USA." (Do recall she edited British Vogue from 1986 to 1987, before American Vogue.) Thus now she's got a new highly prestigious title and ranks in the fourth tier of the five-tiered honoree system. Yes, that's like being seated in the fourth row, but we doubt Anna's complaining. So she's not a dame just yet — but hey, there's always next year! Besides, she was always Most Excellent in our hearts. And isn't that what really counts?

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