Fancy People Theme It Out for the Toga Party

Costumer Carole Divet wears in all its glory. In the middle star and fashion news editor Anne Slowey tries to accentuate her waist with a skinny black belt, but we don't think it quite looks the way she had envisioned. And last, to her right, props to Debbie Bancroft for keeping the toga theme in mind, but why is she wearing a sheet of cellulose insulation? We're pretty sure the Romans didn't have that back in the day… Photo: Patrick McMullan

On Monday night the New York City Ballet held a Roman-themed party. Surprisingly, a lot of people really dressed according to theme, perhaps at an even higher ratio than at the Met's superhero-themed gala. Lest the hostess of that party, Anna Wintour, get to scowling, let's bear in mind that gladiator sandals are officially all the rage, so opting for a bit of toga-inspired wear isn't that out there. Let's critique a few ensembles, shall we?