Fergie Is Not Getting Paid by Members Only, and Her Stylist Is Upset

Look! A Members Only jacket! Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday we innocently wondered if there was something fishy about Fergie wearing Members Only jackets to four major events in just two weeks. Like, say, the transfer of cold, hard cash from Members Only's bank account to Fergie's. Just now, a publicist from Members Only called to set the record straight. And turns out Fergie is not getting paid by Members Only to wear their jackets. “She just loves the brand and wants to support it,” the rep said. Glorious, we thought. Celebrities don't just wear things because of special contracts, after all. And just as our faith in the celebrity-as-fashion-icon machine was almost fully restored (the Sarah Jessica Parker–Sex and the City premiere debacle was rather crushing), the rep revealed Fergie's stylist had actually called Members Only to express a few frustrations. Namely, she was upset that we might think Fergie was getting paid, because Fergie does not at all desire to get paid for wearing things she likes. And then our faith was fully restored. You go, Fergie. —Sharon Clott

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