Fergie Loves Her Some Members Only Jackets

From left, Fergie at the premiere, the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan, on the show, and at Christian Audigier's birthday party. Photo: WireImage

Question of the day: Is Fergie getting paid by Members Only? It would certainly explain some of her recent fashion choices. In the past two weeks, she’s worn the rebranded eighties staple to four separate events. You might call it a Members Only onslaught: On May 20 she wore a bright-purple nylon one with a sapphire-blue top and black leggings to perform on the Today show. On May 23, she wore a white one over a crop top (note to Fergie: It's fine to bring Member's Only jackets back, but crop tops? Not so much…) to perform at Christian Audigier's 50th-birthday party in L.A. Then she wore a white one for the Sex and the City movie premiere in New York last week, and we were convinced something was up (not only did she unnecessarily cover her puffy chiffon dress, but it was hot outside that night). But it continued! On Saturday, Fergie wore a black one over her gray dress for her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan.

So she wore this jacket once to one of the most highly publicized premieres of the summer, and for three major performances. Surely this can't be a coincidence, especially since a Members Only publicist pinged us to alert us to her Today show garb. We can only imagine what the going rate for that kind of placement is (and we have a feeling it's not just free jackets). But we must confess the look works for her. So carry on, Fergie. Carry on. —Sharon Clott