Foreign Models Welcome, If You’re Old Enough

Masha Novoselova Photo: Imaxtree

Don't let all those Sasha Pivovarovas and Vlada Roslyakovas fool you — it's apparently hard as heck to get a visa if you're a foreign model. But Representative Anthony Weiner has just brought a bill to Congress that will make it easier for foreign beauties to work here. As Corinne Nicolas, president of Trump Model Management, tells the Daily News, "If there are girls that we can't get into the United States, the client is going to take that business elsewhere. The market is calling for foreign girls." Agencies may be eager for fresh blood, but is this bill a good idea? Top casting agent James Scully is on the fence. “If the bill will pave the way for younger girls to come, 15, 14, even 13, then I’m not interested. I don’t want to see those girls.” Prompted by the recent CFDA health panel, Scully is focused on slightly older, more mature girls. “How do you tell a 15-year-old girl to look sexy?” That said, the bill will help age-appropriate girls get to the jobs they've already booked. “Sometimes, because of visa problems, you have to wait a couple of seasons for these great girls like [Russian] Masha Novoselova. She’s a great model, but it took her a year to come here. I’d book her for a job, but then, because of visa problems, she couldn’t do it. So if it gets great girls here faster, sure.” So foreign ladies, pack your bags, assuming you're old enough to fly alone, that is. —Kendall Herbst

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