Gross News of the Day: YouTube Hosts Thousands of Plastic-Surgery Videos

Photo: Photo illustration: istockphoto

The next time you get a boob job, a face-lift, or Lasik eye surgery you could save a few bucks if you agree to have your surgery filmed and then posted on YouTube. Yes, some doctors offer discounts for posting videos because they serve as little online commercials for them. In fact, you'll find around 2,400 videos of Botox procedures alone on YouTube. Michelle Wilder posted a video of her Lasik surgery. According to the New York Times, this is what she got in return:

Dr. Chynn offered either a free Botox injection worth $400 or a $100 discount on the $5,000 Lasek operation, which, unlike Lasik, doesn’t entail cutting a flap in the cornea.

“I thought it was a little odd, because I was wondering ‘Who wants to see my surgery?’ ” said Ms. Wilder, 25, a Manhattan accountant.

No one. (Or perhaps a few people with iron stomachs.) Aside from this rubbing us in all the wrong ways because it's gross and unethical, we just don't see how it's an effective form of advertising. We hate our contacts, so we tried to watch this video of YouTube user jackdakota's Lasik eye surgery. Except we couldn't even make it past the first 30 seconds, which is not even close to the first incision. We were creeped out even more by the ominous, old-school-techno background music that seemed to say, "Uh-oh! We're cutting open eyeballs!" But also, if we were seriously shopping for Lasik, we wouldn't turn to a YouTube video to help us find a doctor. We mean, how do we know if they're doing a better job than the guy in the other video? Sorry, we just lost our lunches, as, we're sure, did you.

Coming Soon to YouTube: My Face-Lift [NYT]