Hickey Reopens, Retains Pot-Leaf-Patterned Goods

Photo: Courtesy of Hickey

Having shut its doors for five months to renovate after major water damage, the Hickey store just reopened on Grand and Greene streets in Soho. When we stopped by yesterday, the walls still smelled like fresh paint and ladders were stacked in the corners. Though the façade was new, the merchandise hadn't changed. A spinoff of Rochester-based menswear brand Hickey Freemen, Hickey is aimed at a younger, edgier audience. That means its signature symbol, rather than, say, a polo player or alligator, is what store clerks call a familiar icon of "Renegade Americana" — the marijuana leaf. You'll find it on polo shirts, cuff links, and more. (Too explicit for your Southampton weekends? Not to worry, they also sell a tie dotted with tiny 40s in brown paper bags. Duuuude!) Aside from pot-flavored apparel, the shop is currently stocking wool suits, dress shirts, and plaid sport coats that mimic the Freeman line; its updated fall offerings include more form-fitting shirts, slimmer tapered pants, and distressed-leather jackets. And with the new décor, perhaps they're hoping to reel in a more diverse crowd: The ubiquitous antlers, vases of orchids, and a phrenology bust wearing, naturally, a marijuana-leaf-patterned tie dot the store. — Lauren Murrow

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