If You Want to Date Tyson Beckford, Buy Gelato at Whole Foods

He likes 'em sweet. Photo: Getty Images

We read a few weeks ago that Tyson Beckford was dating America's Next Top Model's Caridee English. So when we happened upon him at Bravo's A-List Awards last night, looking smashing in a pin-striped suit adorned with an Obama '08 pin and a bright-pink collared shirt unbuttoned just so, we coyly asked if he was dating anyone. "Yeah, I got a nice little thang," he said. "She'll be out later." A fellow model? "No, baby, no. I don't do the spotlight thang. I tried to holler at Molly [Sims]," Tyson said loud enough so the supermodel, who was standing next to him, could hear. "But she had a man already, so it didn't work out."

Looking into Tyson's dark-brown eyes, we wondered why he couldn't tempt her away. And then we continued the conversation. Where does a guy like Tyson go to find a nice, not-in-the-spotlight kind of lady? "Whole Foods, baby," he said. "I'm kinda liking the one on Seventh and 24th Street. [But] there's so many. You can't go to the same one 'cause you're gonna see the same people all the time. You've gotta move around, baby." Might a particular section of the store be especially fruitful? "I like to roam around the whole store. Everybody's gotta go through produce," he continued. "I like to hang out in the gelato section, because that's where you find the sweet tooths. And the bakery, that's where you find them." So single ladies, if you're not turned off by this, get your butt over to Whole Foods and buy yourself a cookie. —Alisa Gould-Simon