In Which We Unnerve Francisco Costa

Photo: Getty Images

Calvin Klein creative director Francisco Costa, who took the big womenswear prize at the CFDA awards on Monday, is a man of few words. He told us last night at the Wayuu Taya Foundation gala winning was “amazing,” and that he’s still recuperating. Costa was typically humble when we mentioned that many press reports gave his muse, Eva Mendes, kudos for the best dress at awards ceremony. “Oh great! I feel the same way,” he said, laughing. However, we managed to unnerve this coolly reticent designer when we asked if he was shocked about last-minute cancellation of the previous night’s Secret Obsession fragrance launch. “Well, we do so many wonderful events, I think … I wasn’t shocked, but I think it’s, uh, it was, you know … it was unfortunate that they didn’t have the license.” Costa seemed flummoxed. Then he recovered his calm. “We have to go by the rules, right? It makes sense.” He added it's too soon to say if the party will be rescheduled. —Bennett Marcus

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