Is Thom Browne’s Brooks Brothers Deal Over?

Photo: Getty Images

Thom Browne's Brook Brothers Black Fleece collaboration may be coming to an end, the New York Post reports. The retailer signed Browne soon after his skinny suits earned him a CFDA award for menswear in 2006. But Browne's shorter pants might not be selling too well. After all, can you really see all the men in the Hamptons running to the Golden Pair flashing so much sock? The Post also reports his skinny suits haven't been flying off the racks at Bergdorf Goodman, which still has his 2006 tuxes on the sales floor. Maybe the world wasn't ready for Browne's tight pants when he first introduced them a couple of years ago, but is this city not drowning in snug-fitting men's trousers right now? Just look at all the unisex tight pants out there. The man is ahead of his time. Maybe in a few more years his high-waters will catch on in Manhattan. And if we're really lucky, maybe his three-legged pants will be all the rage in Astoria next season, kind of like poured-in jeans are in Williamsburg. You never know with these things.