Kelly Cutrone’s Driver’s License Proves She’s 42

Photo: Courtesy of People's Revolution

In yesterday's profile of Kelly Cutrone, the New York Observer reported she is 42 years old. Of all the wonderful things commenters could have picked up on, many took issue with this number. "Hasn't Kelly Cutrone been 42 for about ten years now?" wrote one. "Cutrone was 39 years old ten years ago," another replied. And then Cutrone herself boldly entered the rather vicious fray of opinionated anonymouses. "You have left us no choice we are scanning a copy of my driver's license now — maybe it is your lives that are moving too slow," she wrote. Since scans of licenses don't fit in comment boxes, and we really wanted to blog-card Cutrone, we called her up and asked for a copy. She delivered and we're pleased to present her proof of age to you right here. As you can see, she was born on November 13, 1965, making her 42, as the Observer and she say. In fact, we think she looks quite young in this picture. So there you have it, you sassy commenters, you.

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