New BFFs Naomi and Posh Make Jeans Together

It's Lucy and Eth — er, Naomi and Posh! Photo: Getty Images

Um, if Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham were going to become BFFs, they could have at least told us about it. You know, some paparazzi shots for the Daily Mail or, say, a shopping trip in L.A., or falling over themselves getting into a black car in London — Something before they just come out and publicly endorse each other. It seems in between braiding each other's hair and gossiping about Ugly Betty, Victoria Beckham designed a style of jean inspired by Naomi for her dVb denim line. It's called the "Naomi by dVb" and costs £250 at Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Selfridges in the U.K. Naomi says, "I love the fit, model and cut of the Naomi jeans Victoria Beckham has designed. I have already worn them many times and people always stop me and ask the make of my jeans." Victoria adds, "The Naomi by dVb takes these elements into a denim cut which makes the leg look incredibly long. Who better to name this style after than Naomi Campbell?" Sigh. Nothing says friends like a for-profit business deal.

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