Patricia Field: ‘Sex and the City’ Haters Are Men

Photo: Getty Images

Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field has given up following responses to the movie because it's too much to keep track of. "You can go anywhere — Asia, the Far East, Middle East, Europe, South America. Everybody loves it," she told us at the Fresh Air Fund gala at Tavern on the Green last night. We pointed out that some people are sick of all the hype — witness the Time Out New York cover depicting the Fab Four with tape over their mouths, and Anthony Lane's takedown in The New Yorker. "Well, I have to say something: Why is it too much if everybody's happy? The ones that are doing that are the men. They're out of it, and they have sour grapes about it," Field said. "But I've heard some reviews that just try to think of what they can pick on. I read one that was totally factually incorrect. They just made it up … So all I'm trying to say is they're left out and they're feeling rejected." Amen. —Mina Hochberg