Richie Rich Does Hot Topic Line All by His Lonesome

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Heatherette designer Richie Rich is launching a line for Hot Topic without his better half, Traver Rains. He told, "[Traver] didn't want to do it. They asked Heatherette to do it initially, but Traver said no, so I was like, well I'll do it! I love Hot Topic!" Um, we're with Traver on this one. If in some magical universe Target had asked the duo to design a line, and Traver had balked, we'd have immediately bombarded him with impassioned text messages (we're close like that). Because past Target designers include Proenza Schouler and Subversive's Justin Giunta, but past Hot Topic designers include Perez Hilton and Avril Lavigne. And since our affection for Heatherette is as strong as they are glittertastic, and the line is called Celebutante which doesn't sound that Hot Topic–ish, we're just going to do our best to ignore this little side project of Richie's and not hold it against him. You know, brush it under the rug with all those other juniors' lines we're trying to ignore, like aforementioned Perez's, Ashlee Simpson's, Kimora Lee Simmons's, LL Cool J's

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